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We have no idea how you got to this website.

Maybe you saw one of our ads. Perhaps a friend of yours told you how they started outsmarting the bookmakers of Australia and started effortlessly crushing the odds and making profits regardless of the outcomes. Maybe it was pure dumb luck.

However you got here, you are here now, and without a doubt, this is one of the most valuable investments that you will ever stumble across.

Let us explain why…

When most people hear the word “Gambling,” the only thought that comes to their head is hard earned money lost.

When people hear about a service which involves “Gambling,” the only thing that comes to their heads is “Scam.”

Let us make this very clear friend,

This is not gambling.

And this is not a scam.

Back in early 2015, we stumbled across an investment called “Matched Betting.” It was explained to us as a legal loophole which uses bookmakers promotions against each other to give yourself the house edge.

Do you know how they offer you ongoing promotions?

Like “Deposit $100 then get a $100 Bonus Bet!”

Or “Get paid out if your team lead by 20 then loses.”

Or that ad on TV where the bloke yells at you “OI YOU, BET ON..”

Yes, those shameless advertisements which are used on every ad break after a goal. Ads which are used to suck YOU into depositing money into a gambling agency.

Now, what we are about to share with you is one of the most well hidden kept secrets of the game.

Stay with us here…

What you are about to learn, will have the bookmakers itching their heads.

They don’t want you to find out about this.

They want to continue sucking you in with these promotional offers. They don’t want you to know there is a way to profit with minimal risk via promotional offers.

Want to know the best thing about it all?

It’s 100% Legal, and Tax-Free Cash. You don’t have to have any experience whatsoever with sports, racing or betting agencies. Just sit back, and let the experts show you how it’s done.

Guess these bookies are good for something after all…

Now let’s make some Cash together!

How Many Investments Can
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Predictabile Profits?

The graph you see represents the profits Calvins promos have produced over the last 8 months. The total? +$17,009!

You see, most investments simply can’t compete with consistency such as this. Therefore, if you’re looking for a safe, predictable and reliable way to grow your money in the fastest time possible…

Calvins picks is the most logical solution.

There’s simply no need to risk your money on other investments like property, cryptocurency or gambling. No, Match Betting with Calvins picks is far safer, and far more lucrtive then all of those combined.

Just imagine, what would you do with an extra $17,009 in your back pocket, tax-free?

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Yes, you read that correctly. Using Calvins Promos Of The Day, we can guarantee you’ll make a profit in your first 4-weeks. If you don’t (which is practicaly impossible) we’ll happily hand you the next 2 MONTHS FREE!

You see, when you join Promos Paradise, you’re making a smart-money decision. Because as you’ve seen, no other investments even come close to producing the widly-profitable and reliable results such as the ones you’ll enjoy after you sign up today.

However, before you can join, you’ll need to know exactly what is inside the program. Plus, how the program works so you can make a cool, calm and collected financial invest.

All of our students are making massive financial gains while working just 5-minutes a day because they took the time to read this page carefully, so we suggest you do the same!

Here’s A Sneak Peak At What You’ll
Discover Inside Promos Paradise...


Calvin lays out everything you need to bet on, on a silver platter. What bookmakers promotions to use, which teams to put them on, and the amounts you should bet. You can start making money just by following his tips today!


In addition to the entire Promos Paradise course. You’ll gain access to our behind the scenes ‘Account Protection Program’ which arms you with strategies that stop the bookies from banning your account.


You’ll NEVER be left to fend for yourself when you join Promos Paradise. Instead, you’ll unlock insider-access to an exclusive community of people just like you, where you’ll gain constant support and help.


Discover Every Profitable Sports
Promotion On Offer, Instantly.

  • Organized pages of diverse promotions you can choose from.
  • You’ll never have to waste time filtering through 10+ bookie websites again.
  • Customized filtering tabs so you can switch between every agency and sport in a matter of seconds.
  • Over 50+ different sports promotions at your fingertips.


Discover Every Profitable Racing
Promotion On Offer, Instantly.

  • Custom designed TAB style calendar with a countdown timer so you know the exact time the race jumps.
  • Find out exactly where each promotion is with our easy-to-use tab section.
  • Live updates on promotions so you never miss out on the best odds and massive winnings.
  • Every Horse and Greyhound race can be found in the one spot.


Save Time By Easily Formulating Your
Own Promotional Bets.

  • Adjust the odds to perfectly match your own budget size.
  • Easily balance your bets without any headaches or advanced formulas.
  • How to make your own customised bets, even if you don’t have enough money.
  • Simple explanation videos which show you how to use this money-saving tool, step-by-step.


Skyrocket Your Income While Working 5-Mins A Day.

  • Pin bookmakers promotions against each other to catapult the odds in your favour, so you can make maximum profits.
  • Quickly uncover the best games and promotions to put your money so your odds of winning skyrocket.
  • Detailed explanation videos which show you how to easily use Calvins Picks to make hundreds of dollars a week
  • Automated Facebook message updates which notify you of the latest and greatest picks from Calvins exclusive playbook.

Using a statistical approach to ensure you use your promos right

Each week there are numerous games for each promotion on offer. How do you know which promo to use for the right game? Cause you can’t do them all…that is a sure way of getting your account promotionally banned. The answer is statistics.

Promos Paradise is teamed up with OXYs database. OXY has been in the Matched Betting realm for over 6 years now, and has his own stats database he uses to ensure he is targeting the right games with the promos.

What does the sports statistical database do

???? “It pulls down result data through scraping various websites and stores them all in one big database that I then run queries over to produce results like that pic I just sent, to see which teams have the most chance of hitting which promos. The W columns in that pic. Eg, The Hawks let their opposition score the first 2 goals but the Hawks went on to win the game 4 times last year, meaning the Hawks have a history of starting a bit shit and let their opposition go early, but then can come back and win the game. Someone like Carlton on the other hand, they kicked the first 2 goals and lost on 5 occasions, so they have a history of coming out strong, but then can’t sustain it and lose games. “

???? “So I’ve got a relational database that I’ve set up that stores all sports data, that I scrape from various websites. That is a screenshot of the main table that holds all the event and odds data”

???? “Then I write a whole lot of SQL queries over the top of the data to return what I need
based on each promo. Got it set up so I can look at each individual game that hit the promos.”

So you may not understand what he is talking about, and that is fine.

All you need to understand that we take the smart, long term approach. We don’t go aimlessly hitting every single game each week. We are very selective, and follow the stats.​

You’ll Love Calvins Picks Because The
Results Will Have You Laughing Your
Way To The Bank, Here’s Proof!


Group 3

Here’s How Easy It Was To Bank $433
In A Single Day Using Calvins Picks
and How You Can Do It Too...

How did we make $433 in one day and how can you do the same?

Here’s how: On the 25th of August there were over 10 games to chose from. However using our statistical approach, we ruthlessly cut out 7 of those games leaving us with the 3 best picks.

Pick #1) As you can see, the above screenshot in the top left shows Bet365 will pay us $308 if the Rabbitohs lead by at least 12 points, but lose.

Rabbitohs lead by 12 points early on, then lost. So Bet365 had to pay us out!

So the numbers looked like this: $308 – $27.4 (Initial risk if Raiders won).

Pick #1 Profit = +$280.60

Now let’s look at pick #2.

Pick #2) As you can see, the above screenshot in the top left shows Bet365 will pay us $168 if Sydney Swans lead by at least 24 points, but lose.

Plus, Ubet will pay us $30 cash if Sydney Swans lose by 15 points or less. In the top right, you can see the green lines show us that Sydney Swans lead by over 24 points in the 2nd quarter, then lost the game.

Therefore, both Bet365 and Ubet, both had to pay us out!

So the numbers looked like this: $168 + $30 – $5 (Initial risk if Hawthorn won).

Pick #2 Profit = +$193

Now let’s look at pick #3.

Pick #3) As you can see, we risked $30 in order to gain $365. However, a very small percent of the time we sacrifice a few dollars without cashing in on the grand prize. Hey, nothings perfect.

However, this measly $30 sacrifice, does NOT even make a dent on the overall massive profits we raked in on this day. And you can see for yourself just how stupid-simple and easy it was. Literally, anyone can do this stuff.

So the final numbers looked like this: $280.60 + $193 – $30.

Total Pick Profit = +$433

Now You Can Make Massive Profits
Off The World Cup While Sitting On
Your Couch Sinking Beers, Here’s
More Proof!


Pick #1) As you can see, England won. So we acquired a $50 Bonus Bet from Sportsbet.

Using the more advanced ‘Bonus Turnover’ method you’ll discover inside Promos Paradise, we are able to turn that $50 Bonus into $40 CASH with a 0% mathematical risk.

So the numbers looked like this: $40 ($50 bonus bet turned into real cash) + 13.25.

Pick #1 Profit = +$53.25

Pick #2) As you can see, in the bottom left of the above screenshot, Ladbrokes would pay us $280 if Brazil lead at half time but don’t win.

Brazil lead at half time, then drew. That’s what we call easy money!

Pick #2 Profit = +$282.50

Pick #2) As you can see, in the bottom left of the above screenshot, Sportsbet would pay us $215 if Panama lead at half time but don’t win.

Panama lead at half time, then drew. How much easier can FREE money get?

Pick #3 Profit = +$212

Calvins Picks Have An Outrageously
Profitable Track Record and Now It’s
Your Turn To Cash In On Them


You’ll Profit In The First 4-Weeks Of
Using Calvins Picks Or We’ll Give You
The Next 2 Months Of Promos Paradise FREE!

Why are we willing to put our own money on the line?

It’s simple. Calvins tips work. Time and time again the results prove this to be true. So really, we aren’t risking a penny. All we are doing is simply removing ANY reason why you may not cash-in on this lucrative opportunity today.

But in case you are wondering, here’s how the guarantee works…

Simply sign up to Promos Paradise, and if our suggested Matched Bets don’t generate you a profit within your first 4-weeks, which is practically impossible, we’ll hand you the next 2 months of Promos Paradise FREE!

Here Is What Some Of Our Happy Customers Have To Say

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Aravind T

‘There are so many gamblers out there – and people involved in sports betting. Sure you can make the odd big win, but the majority of times you lose and you can lose big. This is why betting companies make millions of dollars of hard-earned taxpayer’s money. Here, there is a risk free method which not only puts the hard-earned taxpayer’s money to good use but it also can result in hundreds of dollars in profit at 0% risk. That’s right 0% risk. Win lose or draw, you will NEVER lose money. By using this method you will make money 100% guaranteed. Personally I have made over 2 grand in the space of a couple of weeks. If you’re smart – you will join up today!!

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Do You Still Have A Burning Question
You Want A Helpful Answer Too?

Is it legal?

Matched Betting is 100% LEGAL! As long as you are a resident of Australia and over the age of 18 you will have no issues.

What sort of profits can you make with Matched Betting?

It is all dependent on the individual and how much time they are willing to put into it. Within our service, we have experienced matched bettors making more than the average income in Australia. Ongoing sport/racing promotions can see you earning $3000+ per month on a consistent basis. There are many more advanced methods we specialize in that bring in more substantial profits than these. They require more skill and more time compared to Calvin’s Promos Of The Day.

What time are the bets posted?

Bets are generally posted the night before. We will also send you an email notifying you when the bets are up! To get instant notifications to your facebook messenger, you can sign up to our Promos Paradise Notification Bot! Makes life easy ????

I’m from a state which excludes me from promos can I still profit from Promo Paradise?

Yes! We are from VIC and are offered 99% of the ongoing promotions. Same goes for every other state when it comes to the current promotions, but – SA.

If you are from SA, you will face a few more difficulties due to the legislation your government has in place. In saying that, it is still very profitable. Yes, you will be blocked off from some of the agencies offers, but it is still worthwhile in giving this a go. We have many members from SA who are in our consistently profiting with our system on a daily basis. Do not let this small hiccup stop you from giving this a go. All you need to do is use the Promo Tool and adjust your bet if a certain agency is not offering you a Promotion.

How much time do I need to start Promo Paradise? I have a full time job.

YES! That is the beauty of Promos Paradise; it is the perfect side income even if you are limited with time. All you need to do each morning is check Calvin’s suggested bets. It takes around 5 minutes to copy our blueprint bets each morning. Once that is done, you can get back to your daily activities. Set and forget!

How long till I see results from Promos Paradise?

Check out the table above, should not be very long at all!

What's the difference between the Elites System and Promos Paradise?

Firstly, Promos Paradise only specializes in one method from The Elites System – “Sports Promotions”. The Elites System teaches over ten methods! Promos Paradise is more of a tool used to ignite the content from The Elites System, hence why it is usually only available to Elites. Elites System is an educational system, Promos Paradise is a tool. Profits will be much higher with the Elites System no doubt, but this is a great place to start if you are wanting to build your bankroll up or get our expert sport promotional Matched bets from Calvin himself.

Do the bookies care if I do this?

Of course, they HATE IT! They have systems in place which are used to track down Matched Bettors. Once traced, they instantly ban your accounts from Promotions. This is why we offer a minor level sustainability course to those who become apart of Promos Paradise. The key is to think long term, and that is achieved by not only a statistical approach, but by being Sustainable. Stats are useless unless you understand sustainability, PERIOD!

Why isn’t everyone doing this?

Because of the way human nature works. Why else? When people see something that seems too good to be true, they ignore it and never look back and ultimately miss out on opportunities. Make sure you don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity.

Can I trust this guarantee?

Of course. Major companies like VISA, STRIPE & MasterCard back it. The only people who can lose out on this is us. If you do not make profits with our system within the first 30 days, we will give you the next 2 Months of this service absolutely free! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

How do I know I can trust The Cash Kings Arbitrage?

Firstly, we have been in this niche for over Seven years combined and never deviated. This is our life’s work. We believe the best way you can judge whether a service is trustworthy is by analysing their level of commitment to their customers and craft. Not only have we mastered our field and made hundreds of thousands using these skills, but we have been able to transfer these skills to over 5000 Australian individuals and we estimate that they’ve made well over $10,000,000 combined.

You can check our reviews also at our website, www.thecashkings.com.au and look for yourself. Our average Customer rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

You can also have a look at our forums on our website, open Facebook group and YouTube channel.

You will see nothing but cold hard proof that what we do is nothing but a gold mine. This is our life’s work, our results are proven, and our student’s results are even more proven. There’s more proof for Promos Paradise than there is proof that the world is round.