How To Fly Under The Radar And Legally Steal Thousands *IMPORTANT*

There’s so much more to just opening your accounts and making the bets/turning over Bonus Bets.

Today we want to take you through something which so many rookie matched betters don’t realise.

And it bites them on the arse because their betting accounts get shut down in no time at all.

This means their whole operation comes undone.

They’ll either be banned for life or have huge restrictions placed on their accounts and get black listed.

So what is this common mistake they make?

It’s not keeping ‘account sustainability’ as a top priority.

All they think about is taking profits as often as they can.

This is short-term thinking.

They end up killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

So how do you avoid doing this?

I’ll tell you all about it in today’s video lesson…


This is BY FAR the most important bit of Free Info you will receive from me.


Why Is It Important?

It’s the reason 95% of new matched betters have their accounts shut down within 2 months of opening them.

The bookmakers have sophisticated software which is on a constant lookout for people like us.

You need to put these measures in place so you remain undetectable.

When you do it right you can keep your account open for 2 years or more and milk this golden opportunity for everything its worth!


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