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How To Start Winning
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  • Why the bookmakers constantly beats the average punter & how the professional punter constantly beats the bookie. Will show you the PROVEN formula that BILLIONARES PUNTEERS like Zelko Ragogajec use.
  • How the average person can start winning on the punt through a secret, completely legal loophole! (Step By Step Examples, Showing You The EXACT Process!
  • How we made over $15,000 with $50 Units in 8 MONTHS! (Run it at $200 Units, You would of made over $60,000!)
  • How to build a predictable horse racing model and join the 3% of winning punters (We invested over $200,000 into our own system, will show you the steps to it)
  • Why laying Promos is a TOXIC WASTE OF TIME! (If you are a Matched Bettor who lays Horse Promos, will show you why it’s time to switch it up)
  • How To Legally Earn Thousands Of Dollars More Every Month WITHOUT Paying Tax (This means you get to keep all the profits for yourself instead of giving almost half to the tax-man!)
  • How You Can Easily Create A Second Income Stream Which Is Tax Free! You can finally have the extra income to go on holidays, save a house deposit or put towards your dream sports car
  • The Sneaky Tricks & Underhanded Tactics Of The Australian Betting Agencies (and how you can turn the tables and use their money grabbing strategies against them to profit for yourself!)

HOSTED BY Evan Tsaboukos

Founder of Australia’s Leading Central Investment Platform – ‘The Cash Kings’

Evan is a 24 year old bloke from Melbourne who stumbled across a unique matched betting strategy back in 2014. When he discovered he
could legally rig the odds in their favour he couldn’t believe his luck. He started using the strategy to earn $1000’s more every month, pay off their debts and travel the world. Since then he has worked tirelessly to explore and perfect many betting strategies, and now his taught it to more than 1000 clients who have generated a very conservative estimate of $30 million in the last 2.5 years alone. Today he will share with you one of his Medium Risk Horse Punting Systems which has generated his clients around $8 Million to date.

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