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Pointsbet usually offers competitive odds on AFL & NRL games that don’t have promotions attached to them (Saturday-Sunday games). Keep an eye out on these two sports on the weekend and use the below two websites to find low qual mug-bets.

> https://www.odds.com.au/
> https://www.sportspunter.com.au/betting?function=home

You can also back and lay the first try-scorer market on NRL games if you can get a good match which usually isn’t hard close to the start of the game. Even the margin markets for both AFL & NRL games work for me, you just need to look closer to the start of the match and hope for enough liquidity in the market.

Also, horse racing is super easy to get good matches on, choose any race that doesn’t have a promo attached to it and has a short odds-fave running and then try to get a match on that.

And of course, middle bets for the handicap and total match points market work perfect if you can find a nice gap.

Hope this helps!