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Good evening Ladies and Gentleman,

I am not sure if this is the right place to put this but here goes,
I have found an interest in horses and the races simply speaking it is quick it is easy… However I am here today because I have a slight issue with my bets and I would please like some help if I can?
I have discovered the Lay calculator with Betfair however every time I try and calculate a play I feel like it is wrong!?
I am quickly running out of bonuses so I thought I would try a simple Back with the bookies and lay on Betfair with no bonuses attached,
This has however become slightly problematic as I am getting profit from one but then losing the exact ammount on the opposite side so i am not losing any money however I haven’t ywt been able to gain any from it either. Yes I understand that there has to be a win and a loss that is just how it works I just haven’t been able to make any money from it yet so I am essentially looking for some assistance to help me better understand things and hopefully improve. I have done something wrong but I am not quite sure what so if i can please get some assistance in anyway that would make me quite happy thank you all for your time