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hey mate, sorry for the late reply. Things get quite hectic for us come Saturdays.

So assume you are starting with $1000, you don’t want to put $100 into 10 accounts to begin with.

When beginning, focus is key. Turn over 1 bookmaker at a time. Eg/ sign up to TAB and get a $100 Bonus. Then find the best bet to hedge the bonus with (assuming the other agency is Ladbrokes). We would then deposit the max bonus offer ladbrokes has ($400), and then we can hedge the TAB bonus with the real money in Ladbrokes. Once that is done, we then go onto the Ladbrokes bonus we have (we havn’t used that yet. We only used the real money to begin with as we were hedging our TAB bonus). Look for the next best hedge…and so on.

If you want more info on the system, check out this webinar we are running > https://profitkings.wpengine.com/free-webinar/

Any questions feel free to post 🙂