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Really good list. Should be one of the “Matched Betting 10 Commandments”. Tennis is great for mug bets, as you can usually get really good value (1 or 2% loss, and sometimes even or a profit).

I’ve been very fortunate to have benefited from retirements overall, but recently lost one and am only up maybe $100 overall on such retirement/DQ matches.

I’ll say this though: If you back someone on the void list, and then lay with Betfair, do try and avoid laying against an underdog. Reason: the liability is very high! You can limit your risk with the lower the odds you lay against.

For example: Laying $100 on at 1.5 has a liability of $50. Laying $100 on 3.0 odds has a liability of $200.

Hence, if you are punting or throwing a few mug bets out there with a mix of void and non-void bookmakers, it’s best to back the favourite on the void bookmaker, and lay the favourite (or bet the underdog) on the non-void bookie.

Just my 2 cents.