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Hey fellas, I just went through and tried to claim as many bonuses as I could last month (I’m in VIC). Here’s how I went with each bookie.

• Will Hill (Doesn’t exist anymore) 100 Deposit /100 Bonus
• Ladbrokes 250 Deposit/250 Bonus
• Palmerbet 250 Deposit/250 Bonus
• Neds 300 Deposit/300 Bonus
• Sportsbet 300 Deposit/300 Bonus
• Bet365 200 Deposit/200 Bonus
• TAB 100 Deposit/100 Bonus
• Unibet200 Deposit/200 bonus
• BetEasy 200 Deposit/250 bonus
• MadBookie 100 Deposit/100 bonus

All in all 2k deposited, 2050 in bonuses. I managed to turn it into a bit over 1k of real money simply because I made some silly mistakes early on. If you haven’t started yet and you’re wondering how much cash can be made, you could potentially make $1400+ in a few weeks if you have someone who’s done it before walk you through it. I wasted 250 on my first bet by making an easy mistake for a beginner.

Some bookies can be real hardasses about handing out bonuses, don’t be afraid to get on the phone as this is the easiest way of securing bonuses by far. Do your research and bet smart. The system is super basic once you get your head around it all ????