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number of bets, but total dollar amounts also come into play.

You can’t be betting say $400, $200 on promotions, $50 etc..

Then start placing normal bets are $5, $20, the $2 multi etc. << claiming these are your "normal bets" Everything needs to match up in a way. Betting higher on non promo markets is what i do, allows me to load up on the games i think will pay off when it comes to promos. Eg i was boosting for 2k on the weekend with beteasy, but i was also betting 2k flat on horses (then covering of course). This allows the agencies to think that i'm just a bloke who loves smashing a few 2k bets here and there. Eg/1 Lets say i boosted 2k, then was betting $250 on horses with no promo/feature attached...something doesn't look right true? That is exactly how you get your accounts banned quickly. Same goes for sport, constantly bet $500 on random sporting events (no promo markets), you could probably get a few hundred+ on the sportsbet promos for NRL/AFL. The aim is to constantly keep maturing the account if you want to start unloading a bit more on the promos. We have a lot of methods for doing that in the system, but i think you should get the gist of it!