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Well in a perfect world for a Matched Bettor, we would love to always get our money over to Betfair. Unfortunately it is much easier said then done.

” I need some advice. I did a sign up offer at ClassicBet and deposited 1000$ for 750 in BB.

My bankroll is over $5000 total so it wasn’t a big deal, the plan was to get in and get out.

However I literally kept winning on classicbet! Like I now have over 5000$ in my classicbet account. Betfair is dried up. What can I do?!

Like it’s so bad that today I backed an 18$ horse and it won, then a 34$ horse and it won. ”

Here is some evidence from an Elite Forum. Doesn’t always go the way you planned.

At the end of the day, we are the ones who are continuously making money from what they offer. I don’t think they will ever be fans of us hahaha. Either way, we will always keep one step ahead.