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Firstly, you should of gone for the $300 Offer! Deposit $200, receive $300 in bonus money.

So UNIBET is the only agency which offers a stake included bonus. Right now you have $150 in pure cash. You have already made the +$100 in theory.

All you have to do now is turn over the funds to meet the requirements. (instead of trying to turn it over hedging against other agencies head to head, use it as leverage to turn over other bonuses.)

Unibet have the best odds floating around atm for the World Cup (Draw Market), so just use the funds in the account now to help turn over other bonuses!

Agency 1 : Team 1 – Bonus Bet
Agency 2 : Draw – Unibet (Treat it as Real Cash)
Agency 3 : Team 2 – Real Cash

You have 30 days from now so no rush.


Unibet will more then likely offer you another bonus offer in the next week while this offer is still active. Deposit $50, get $50 in Bonus Cash. Don’t accept this offer unless you have met the turn over requirements for the first bonus.

If you accept it, all the bonus cash you still have will disappear, and you will only be left with the initial $50 you deposited!

We had an Elite lose $1000 after accepting the offer. He got it back, but they are sneaky bastards. heads up 🙂