Aussie Millionaire Punter Reveals The Simple Way You Can Legally Flip The Odds On The Betting Agencies & Make $1000+ From Home In The Next 24 Hours

Date - 12/10/2018    Day - Tuesday

Australians lose more than $24bn to gambling agencies every year. This works out to be an average of $1292 per person, not just per gambler. Luckily for punters across the country, there’s a pair of young upstarts flipping the odds in their favour. In fact, their unique method of ‘matched betting’ legally rigs the system and makes it mathematically impossible for you to lose. Sound too good to be true? Don’t be so sure.

Matched betting is 100% legal and safe and although it isn’t yet popular in Australia, it use is widespread in the UK and US NOT US. Many students and housewives use it as a way to supplement their income so they can earn a few hundred dollars extra per week in just a few hours. This extra source of income is just what they need to ease the pressure of rising rents and costs of living.

When Evan Tsaboukos and Nikhil Victor stumbled across their matched betting method back in early 2015, everything changed for them. They were quickly able to deploy their strategy and make more than $10,000 of profit in the first 3 months. After clearing their debt, going on Mediterranean holidays and decking out their man caves they decided they had to share what they discovered with the world.

Over the past 4 years they’ve established themselves as Australia’s leading educators in matched betting. They’ve also helped over 5000 people make well over $2.5 million with their methods, with almost 100 of their Elite members such as Aaron.C making more than $15,000 in their first year. Here’s his story…

Kye Kerkow
$30,000 Using Our System

Obviously not everyone has results as spectacular as Aaron.C. However, Evan and Nikhil say it’s quite easy for their members to generate an extra $400-600 of tax-free money every week using their unique methods. They said their members are using this second income stream to make their rent and mortgage repayments, clear their debts and visit tropical destinations across the world.

When asked about how difficult their system is to use, Evan replied “it only takes around an hour or so to get your head around the basic concepts of how everything works. Once your accounts have been set up correctly you can be up and making money within the first 30 minutes”.

Could this be the perfect way to earn a side income for everyday Aussies? It only requires a few hours a week to easily generate $400-600. And this extra money is tax-free which means you get to keep every last cent. This makes it a very strong candidate and well worth the time to investigate further for people looking to earn an extra buck.

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